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Chalk Line Maintenance and Care

Chalk line maintenance and care

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store in a cool dry place tool advice wonkee donkee DIY guide how to use a chalk line reel The chief reason for chalk line failure is water damage. If your chalk line gets wet, it can ruin the chalk powder and make it unusable. Moisture can also weaken the string line, making it prone to breaking. Storing your chalk line in a cool, dry place should help to keep it in excellent working order.

Drying out

String line

If your string line has gotten wet, unwind it from its reel, lay it out in a place free from moisture and allow it to dry before using it again.


If your chalk powder becomes damp, you will have to empty the box, dry any residual moisture and refill it.

Replacing a string line

chalk line replace the string marking tools string nylon wonkee donkee Your chalk line is probably going to see a lot of day-to-day use so there may come a time when you need to replace the line. Lines can be purchased separately as single specific lengths or as larger spools from which you can measure and cut many lengths. For more information, see the page entitled: How to replace a chalk line’s string

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