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What are the different types of cabinet scraper?

What are the different types of cabinet scraper?

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Cabinet scrapers, sets, gooseneck cabinet scraper, hollow cabinet scraper, two handled cabinet scraper, pocket cabinet scraper, flat cabinet scraper, DIYers, woodwork, carpenter, steel, high carbon steel, tungsten carbide, cast iron. Cabinet scrapers are available in a range of shapes and sizes. The most common types are listed below.

Flat cabinet scrapers

Woodworking flat cabinet scrapers, carpenter, scraping wood, high carbon steel, chrome nickel steel, cold rolled, hardened and tempered. Rectangular types are known as flat cabinet scrapers. They are ideal for smoothing and removing finishes from flat surfaces.
Cabinet scraper, flat cabinet scraper, woodwork, scraping, DIYer, carpenter. A flat cabinet scraper is used to remove the surface from a wooden workpiece to produce a smooth and even finish.

Two-handled cabinet scrapers

Iron casting, two handled cabinet scrapers, woodwork, scraping, carpenter, DIYers. This design is basically a handle that holds a cabinet scraper, and turns the tool into a kind of plane.
Cabinet scrapers, two handled scraper, scraping, plane, woodwork, carpenter, DIYer. A two-handled cabinet scraper can sometimes be mistaken for a spokeshave. A spokeshave has a similar two-handled body with an angled blade – however, the blade is thinner.

A two-handled cabinet scraper is used for removing surface material. Spokeshaves are commonly used to shape and smooth chair legs, wheel spokes, bows and canoe paddles.

Cabinet scraper, two handled scraper, scraping, woodwork, carpenter, DIYer. The two-handled cabinet scraper is most suitable for smoothing grain on large areas.

Gooseneck scrapers

Gooseneck cabinet scraper, woodwork, carpenter, DIYers, The body of a gooseneck scraper is similar to a French curve.

This type is suitable for scraping both convex (external) and concave (internal) curved surfaces.

Gooseneck cabinet scraper, French curve, woodwork, carpenter, DIYers, A French curve is a template created from many different curves.

The template can be made out of wood, metal or plastic and is used to draw smooth curves.

Cabinet scrapers, woodwork, violin, concave, convex, scraping, DIYer, carpenter. A gooseneck scraper is useful when smoothing, for instance, the curved areas on furniture or violin fingerboards.

Hollow cabinet scrapers

A hollow cabinet scraper has four sides with two curved ends – one end convex (curving outwards) and the other concave (curving inwards).

The ends are designed to be used on rounded and hollowed objects, while straight edges are used on flat surfaces.

Cabinet scrapers, hollow cabinet scraper, rounded, hollow, surfaces, woodwork, DIYer, carpenter. The convex end of the scraper can be used to scrape, for instance, the inside of a bowl.

The concave edges can be used to scrape objects such as a staircase spindles.

Concave and convex scrapers

Cabinet scrapers, concave and convex, scraping, woodwork, DIYer, carpenter. Concave and convex scrapers have curved edges which enable them to be used to smooth concave or convex profiles.

A set of these can be used to scrape a number of surfaces of different widths as there are five blade widths on each scraper.

Cabinet scrapers, concave and convex, scraping, woodwork, DIYer, carpenter. Concave and convex scrapers can be used to smooth, for example, a moulded skirting board.

The smaller concave and convex edges of these types of scraper make them ideal for delicate scraping tasks.

Quadrant cabinet scrapers

Quadrant cabinet scraper, scraping, woodwork, carpenter, DIYers, This type of scraper comes in a set of two, with quadrants (quarter-circle corners) of different diameters.
Cabinet scrapers, quadrant scraper, scraping, convex profile, woodwork, DIYer, carpenter. The quadrant blades enable the scraping of convex (externally rounded) surfaces, while the straight-edged blades allow the scraping of flat surfaces.

Mini cabinet scrapers

Mini cabinet scrapers, high carbon steel, woodwork, carpenter, DIYers, scraping, mini oval cabinet scraper, mini gooseneck scraper, mini square cabinet scraper, mini concave and convex cabinet scraper. Mini cabinet scrapers are available in sets with a range of shapes to choose from.

A set of mini cabinet scrapers consists of a concave and convex scraper, an oval scraper, a square scraper with notches and a gooseneck scraper.

Cabinet scrapers, mini scrapers, oval, gooseneck, square, concave and convex, woodwork, DIYer, carpenter. These cabinet scrapers are ideal for smaller surfaces and more precise scraping.

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