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How to sharpen a quadrant cabinet scraper?

How to sharpen a quadrant cabinet scraper

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Quadrant cabinet scraper, round needle file, burnishing tool, vice, sharpening, carpenter, woodwork, DIYer. Each time your quadrant cabinet scraper becomes difficult to use or produces sawdust instead of shavings, it will need to be sharpened. The tools you need to sharpen a quadrant scraper are a round needle file, a burnishing tool, oil, a clean cloth and a vice.
Quadrant cabinet scraper, sharpening, vice, clamp, woodwork, carpenter, DIYer.

Step 1 – Secure scraper

Secure the cabinet scraper in a vice, leaving enough room for you to file the edges.

Quadrant cabinet scraper, filing, needle file, vice, woodwork, carpenter, DIYer.

Step 2 – File scraper

Hold the handle of the file in your dominant hand, with your other hand on the end of the file. Run the file against the quadrant, moving it forwards and backwards, following the shape of the concave curve.

Continue filing until the curved edge has a smooth finish. To check the smoothness, run your finger along the curve.
Quadrant cabinet scraper, apply oil, burnishing, woodwork, carpenter, DIYer.

Step 3 – Apply oil

Apply oil to the burnishing tool.

Quadrant cabinet scraper, burnishing, burnishing tool, vice, woodwork, carpenter, DIYer.

Step 4 – Burnish scraper

Push the burnishing tool against the scraper, while running it along the curved edge (quadrant). Run the tool towards you or away from you. The burnishing tool only needs to go over the edges once or twice.

Quadrant cabinet scraper, sharpening, wiping, woodwork, DIYer, carpenter.

Step 5 – Wipe scraper

Use a clean cloth to wipe down the edges of the scraper to remove any excess material or oil.

Quadrant cabinet scraper, sharpening, testing, shavings, sharp, blade, woodwork, DIYer, carpenter.

Step 6 – Test scraper

Test the cabinet scraper on a scrap of wood. If the scraper produces shavings while scraping, it is sharp. If it does not produce shavings or just produces sawdust, it needs to be further sharpened. Repeat for the other quadrants if they also need sharpening.

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