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Cabinet Scrapers Maintenance and Care

Cabinet scrapers maintenance and care

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Sharpening cabinet scraper, burnishing tool, blade, woodwork, carpenter, DIYers, scraping. When the scraping becomes hard work, this is a sign that the scraper needs to be sharpened. To find out more about sharpening scrapers, check out the How to sharpen… pages for the different types of cabinet scraper.
Wipe cabinet scraper clean, oil, wood shavings, maintenance and care, woodwork, carpenter, DIYers, cabinet scraper. After each use, make sure you wipe down the scraper with a clean cloth to remove any unwanted material and oil.
Storage, safe, avoid damage, cabinet scraper, garage, tools, shed, maintenance, scraping, woodwork, carpenter, DIYers. Keep them in a safe place to avoid any damage.
Cabinet scrapers can be repaired if they become damaged: for example, if the cutting edge becomes chipped, it can be cured by grinding.

If a scraper becomes bent or cracked and cannot be repaired, it should be replaced.

Cabinet scraper, card scraper, two handled cabinet scraper, tungsten carbide, cast iron, blades, replaceable, maintenance, woodwork, scraping, DIYers, carpenter. If the blade of a two-handled cabinet scraper is damaged it can be replaced, as they are sold separately.

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