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What are threaded rod cutters made of?

What are threaded rod cutters made of?

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threaded rod cutter Threaded rod cutters are made from steel.
steel Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Sometimes other elements are added as well.
strong steel man Steel is appropriate for tools because it is hardwearing, weather-resistant and strong.
   Horseshoes can be made from  steel. Got myself a sturdy set  just last week.
hardening steel process, steel factory

Hardened steel

The dies on threaded rod cutters are made from hardened steel. This is a process of heating the steel to improve the properties and make it stronger.

tired rod cutter die It is important for the dies to be hard as they are the part of the tool that is doing the cutting. Their usage could wear them down quicker if not hardened.
that is one tired tool

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