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How to change the dies on a threaded rod cutter?

How to change the dies on a threaded rod cutter?

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screw holding dies in place The dies are secured to the main tool by a single screw.
lots of handles on threaded rod cutter The dies should last around 300 uses.
Your arms would ache after all that  waving about... ...Wait I don’t have any arms!

To remove the old dies

spanner in use

Step 1 – Loosen and remove screw

Loosen and then remove the screw. Depending on the model of rod cutter, you will require either a spanner or allen key for this.

The dies will now slide out of place

Repeat on both dies.

To fit the new dies:

hold dies in space

Step 1 – Hold new die in space

Hold the new die in the space.

rod cutter dies loose

Ensure the right die is in the right space, the right way round.

Step 2 – Partially tighten screw

Place the screw in the hole and tighten, but not all the way.

testing threads on threaded rod cutter

Step 3 – Test threads

Test the threads: by placing a threaded rod on the cutter and lowering the handle. Ensure that both dies line up.

tightening a screw

Step 4 – Fully tighten screws

When this is achieved, tighten the screws the remainder of the way.

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