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How to cut rods with a threaded rod cutter?

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Setting the cutting guide diagram

Step 1 – Adjust cutting guide

If there is one, the cutting guide should be set to the correct length. Either on the left or right; your choice. It is secured with a screw. If there isn’t a guide, the threaded rod must be measured and marked for cutting.

When making, it may be useful  to place a nut on the rod  where you want the cut.
threaded rod cutter die slot sizes diagram

Step 2 – Place threaded rod on slot

The threaded rod is placed on the slot in the die, or the appropriate slot if more than one.

inserting rod on threaded rod cutter

Step 3 – Align rod with cutting guide

If possible, the rod sits on the cutting base and is lined up with the cutting guide.

steadying rod cutter and rod

Step 4 – Steady base and grip handle

Place your foot on the base to steady it. Grip the handle with both hands if there is a cutting base. If there isn’t one, use one hand to keep the rod steady.

Pull the handle towards the base. Apply pressure until the hadle is down and the rod has been cut

Step 5 – Pull handle towards base

Pull the handle towards the base. Apply pressure until the handle is down and the rod has been cut.

thread bolt straight after cutting The newly-cut rod can be bolted straight away. There are no burrs, the thread is intact and there is no need to file.