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What are the parts of a threaded rod cutter?

What are the parts of a threaded rod cutter?

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A threaded rod cutter includes a cutting base, handle, threaded rod (to be cut), adjustable cutting guide, base and dies. Read our full guide to the different parts of a threaded rod cutter to find out more!

Rod cutter base

base frame threaded rod cutter The base stabilises the entire tool. On some threaded rod cutters, the base is H framed to make it even more stable. The average size  is 63 x 23.5cm (24 x 9″ approx.)

Rod cutter handle

threaded rod cutter handle The handle will usually have an ergonomic grip. It is pushed towards the base to achieve the cut. 
   ergonomics definition

Rod cutter dies

threaded rod cutter dies The dies are the equivalent of blades; they perform the incision. The dies are made up of slots, which are threaded; this protects the rod and allows for instant use after cutting. Some dies have three slots, for threaded rods of sizes 6, 8, 10mm. They also cut 7mm rods in the 10mm slot. Some threaded rod cutters only fit dies with one or two slots, however the dies are interchangeable. 

The dies slot together side-by-side (like scissors) to achieve the cut, rather than top to bottom (like wire cutters).

replacement dies threaded rod cutter The dies are replaceable on most threaded rod cutters.

Extra features

Some threaded rod cutters have additional features which improve their effectiveness. These include:

threaded rod cutter cutting guide

Cutting guide 

The cutting guide is usually adjustable and includes a built-in scale to ensure you get the correct size rod. Cutting guides are usually 65cm (25″ approx.) long and can be adjusted to the left or right of the dies, for ease of use.

The cutting guide is usually detachable and can be stored in a slot in the base.

cutting base threaded rod cutter

Cutting base

A cutting base is a place for the threaded rods to rest when cutting. It secures the rod and ensures it does not shift when cutting.

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