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What is the ISO metric screw threads scale?

What is the ISO metric screw
threads scale?

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metric thread equation M# x # The metric screw scale is written like so: M# x #
M# x # M= metric The metric measurement always begins with an M, (which stands for metric).
1st number is diameter in m# x # The first number is the major diameter of male threads.
second number in metric equation is pitch m# x # The second number is the pitch. Pitch is is the length of one complete thread.
length of threads (metric thread scale) This will then usually be followed by the length of the threaded item (this measurement will occasionally be given in inches, even on the metric scale).
iso metric thread standards coarse. diameter and pitch in mm For a certain range of diameters, there is a set pitch which allows the measurements to be written simply as M#. The pitches for these are standard coarse measurements set out by the international standards organisation (ISO). The chart is an example of these.
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