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What are the components of a coiled threaded insert kit?

What are the components of a coiled
threaded insert kit?

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labelled coiled threaded insert kit, drill bit, STI tap, tang breaker, installation tool

Drill bit

coiled threaded insert kit drill bit

The drill bit is used to strip the existing damaged threads and is the first tool to be used to install a coiled threaded insert. A drill bit is not always included in the kit, so you may be required to purchase one in the corresponding size.

STI tap

coiled threaded insert STI tap STI stands for Screw Thread Insert and these taps are specifically for the installation of threaded inserts. They have the same purpose as regular taps, which is to create threads, the difference is the diameter. STI taps have a slightly larger diameter, to create space for the threaded insert, allowing the original size screw hole to remain.The STI tap can be used like a regular tap, either with a manual tap wrench or in a power drill. 

Installation tool

coiled threaded insert kit installation tools, thread on, slot on The installation tool is used to drive the coiled insert into the screw hole. There are two designs of installation tool: thread-on or slot-on. Some varieties also include a tap hole, so that they multi-function as a tap wrench.

Tang remover

coiled threaded insert kit tang break off tool This tool is used to snap off the tang after the insert is installed. It is not always included and not always necessary, (e.g. in a bottomed hole, the tang can be left on). 

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