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What is a threaded insert?

What is a threaded insert?

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thread inserts Threaded inserts are small tubes, which are used to create or repair threaded holes.


male and female threads Threads can be internal or external and are differentiated by gender. External threads, like screws and bolts, are male, while internal threads, like nuts and holes, are female. Male threads fit into female threads. Though male and female threads are formed using different tools, the structure is the same (if you turn a female thread inside out, it will be the same as a male thread and vice versa).
damaged female thread Female threads can become damaged and may require repair.
installation of threaded insert Threaded inserts repair existing damaged threads while maintaining the original size of the hole. They also create new female threads by being permanently fixed into a screw hole using varying installation processes – the insert itself then becomes the new female thread.
Threaded inserts do not repair male threads. They sometimes have external threads for installation purposes only. Male threads are repaired with files and dies.
threaded inserts in plastic and wood Threaded inserts also make it possible to create threaded holes in materials other than metal, like plastic and wood.

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