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What are some other uses for seaming pliers?

What are some other uses for seaming pliers?

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You can use seaming pliers to carry out the following tasks:

Detailed work

Seaming pliers in use on a detail on a piece of sheet metal Seaming pliers can be used to bend small, detailed areas of sheet metal, for example, adding a decorative piece to the surface.
Seaming pliers bending the upright edge of sheet metal They can also be used to bend any small upright section of sheet metal.

Patch panels on cars

Seaming pliers used to bend a patch panel for car repairs Seaming pliers are used to bend the metal on small patch panels that are used for repairing the bodywork of cars.
A patch panel for repairing a bodywork panel on a car using seaming pliers to bend the metal The patch panel is welded into place, after seaming pliers have made the bends and folds in the metal.

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