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How to use straight seaming pliers?

How to use straight seaming pliers

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Marking sheet metal for bending with seaming pliers

Step 1 – Mark sheet metal for bending

Mark a piece of sheet metal with a pencil and ruler or straight edge along the point where you want the bend.

Holding seaming pliers in preparation for bending sheet metal

Step 2 – Hold seaming pliers

Take hold of your seaming pliers by the handles. You will need to use both hands to operate some seaming pliers.

One handed use of seaming pliers leaving the other hand free to hold the piece of metal The handles of some seaming pliers have an open and close latch motion (scissor action), which leaves a hand free to hold the piece of metal.
Beginning to bend sheet metal with seaming pliers

Step 3 – Grasp sheet metal

Grasp a piece of sheet metal between the jaws of the seaming pliers and close the handles together to firmly hold the metal.

Continue bending with seaming pliers to achieve a uniform look

Step 4 – Uniform bending of sheet metal

Exert pressure on the handles to lever the pliers into bending the metal.  Use your marked straight line or the insertion indicators to ensure the bend is uniform.

Bending to the end of a section of sheet metal with seaming pliers

Step 5 – Continue bending sheet metal

Continue to bend the section of sheet metal by moving the seaming pliers along the edge of the metal, in a straight line, bending each piece in turn. The task is completed when you are satisfied with the position or angle that the sheet metal has achieved.

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