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Seaming Plier Maintenance and Care

Seaming plier maintenance and care

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 Wonkee Donkee "There's no need to sharpen the blade on your seaming pliers because they grip and bend, they don't cut!"

Oiling your seaming pliers

TB Oil can Oil your pliers with a drop of oil on the hinged parts.

Cleaning your seaming pliers

Dry cleaning cloth Use a dry, clean cloth to keep the jaws and teeth of the seaming pliers clean. Worn or greasy jaws and teeth are more likely to have a slippery grip.

Storing your seaming pliers

Extreme of hot temperature Keep your tools away from extreme heat, which can expand the metal, causing damage over time.
Wonkee Donkee science Tools used for lead work should be kept separate from those used with copper material. This is because of galvanic corrosion: an electrochemical process in which one metal corrodes before another when both metals are in contact, in the presence of an electrolyte, for example moisture.

This means that copper will contribute to accelerated corrosion of any lead that the user’s seaming pliers come into contact with.

An old pair of seaming pliers Seaming pliers should last for many years, if used for seaming only, and if well looked after.

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