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A brief history of Seaming Pliers

A brief history of seaming pliers

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Examples of blacksmith's tools, which pre-date seaming pliers Pliers were originally invented in Europe, developed from tongs used in the Bronze Age to handle hot objects.
Blacksmith's tongs holding a metalwork item Using pliers to grip hot objects made blacksmith and metal working much easier.

Plier joints

Slip joint pliers All types of pliers fall into one of these two joint categories:

Slip-joint pliers are made to adjust to the object being held by the tool. The user opens the tool and pushes one side upward or downward to adapt the jaws to suit the object.

Solid joint pliers Solid-joint pliers have a solid pin or rivet joint that prevents the tool from being adjusted.

Seaming pliers are an example of solid-joint pliers.

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