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What is a rule used for?

What is a rule used for?

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Rule can be used to measure and mark out straight lines Rules are commonly used to assist with marking, cutting or scoring straight lines, or measuring across flat distances. There are also special purpose rules, with different features or markings, which can be used for specific tasks.

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A rule should be accurate to its smallest gradation The long, straight edges on rules have gradation marks which represent standard units of measurement. Separate rules can have different markings, depending on their purpose. A good quality rule will be as accurate as its smallest gradation: commonly this will be a millimetre or 1/16th inch.
Rules are commonly used to measure straight lines Rules are generally rigid instruments, which makes them ideal for taking linear measurements on straight surfaces. Although some rules are flexible, they should still be able to be laid out flat.

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Ruler can be used to measure different angles when they are used with a scientific or graphing calculator or protractor Some rules have features which allow them to be used with a protractor to determine angles which can’t easily be measured with just a protractor.

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Drawing, cutting or scoring straight lines

rules can be used to draw, score or cut straight lines The long straight edge of a rule can also be used to create straight lines, as long as the edge is not damaged or bent. Drawing or cutting implements can be guided along this straight edge to create a line on a surface.

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 Wonkee Donkee says "It’s better to use a metal or extra durable plastic rule if you are using it with a cutting tool. Wood or normal plastic can be easily damaged with sharp objects"

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