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What is a digital angle rule?

What is a digital angle rule?

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A digital angle rule is used to measure angles Digital angle rules, sometimes called digital protractors, can replace a protractor to measure angles. They use a digital function to measure the angle so they are particularly accurate and can determine angles quickly.
A digital angle rule is used to measure angles They consist of two rules, usually made from steel, that are joined with a movable hinge. Attached to the hinge is a digital angle finder. The angle at which the two rules are held from each other is recorded by the digital reader. Most of them have a locking function so the rules can be held at a specific angle.


digital angle finder can be used in the same way as a standard ruler

Measuring and drawing lines

The joined strips of digital angle rules will have gradation marks for standard measuring. Usually these will be marked in metric or imperial measurements, or both. These rule strips can be used the same way as any standard rule for drawing straight lines and measuring linear dimensions. They can be opened out to 180 degrees and locked in place, to create a longer, straight rule.

digital angle finders work in the same way as a protractor and measure angles

Measuring angles

The edges of the rules simply need to be lined up with an angle and the measurement will be shown on the digital display. They are often used in building work, for measuring the structures of corners: and in decorating, for measuring rooms for fitting things such as dado rails or moulding. They can measure inside and outside angles between 0 and 360 degrees.

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A digital angle finder can be used to transfer angles from one place to another

Transferring angles

Digital angle rules can also be used to transfer an angle to a piece of equipment or workpiece. The rule can be used to obtain the required angle and the long edges locked into place. The angle can then be transferred to where it is needed. They can be used, for instance, for setting saw blade angles or directly marking angles to be cut out.

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