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What are the parts of a digital angle rule?

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 Digital angle rules consist of two rulers, a digital display, a locking knob, hanging holes, an on / off button and a zero button to reset the display
Digital angle rules can be used to measure angles Digital angle rules can be used to quickly calculate angles accurately. They can be used for things such as construction or woodwork, and can replace the need to use a protractor to measure angles.


A digital angle rule has two rulers which can measure angles Digital angle rules consist of two rule strips which are joined with a hinge. The rules can be used in the same way as standard rules and also can be positioned to determine angles.

Digital display

Digital angle rule have a display screen which shows the angle being measured The display screen shows what angle the two rules are positioned at compared to each other. The digital reading of the angle should be easy to read and accurate.

Control buttons

Digital angle rules have an on/off button an a button which sets it to zero The control buttons on a digital angle rule consist of a basic on/off button and a zero button. The zero button can be used to reset the digital display to zero, whatever angles the rule strips are set at. This function means that the rule can be used to read acute and obtuse angles as well as differences between set angles.

Locking knob

Digital angle rules can be locked at specific angles The locking knob can be used to lock the two rules at a specific angle,so that angles can be transferred quickly between areas.