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What are the parts of a folding rule?

What are the parts of a folding rule?

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   folding rules are ruler strips joined with hinges
folding rules are rulers with hinges so they can be folded down or expanded out Folding rules are a group of two or more rule strips joined with moving hinges. They can be used in the same way as a standard rule. Also, they can be expanded to make longer rules or adjusted to gauge angles.

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Rule strips

A rule is a simple measuring device, folding ruler can be folded to make them longer or shorter The rule strips of folding rules serve the same function as standard rules. They have gradation marks to show distances and straight edges for drawing lines. The individual strips are usually around 200mm (8″) long. The number of rule strips joined together, and the length of each strip, determines the overall length of the rule once fully extended.


Hinges on folding rules allow it to be reduced in length and expanded The hinges on folding rules allow each strip to be folded in, for measuring short distances or storing. They can be folded out to expand their length for longer measurements. Once they are opened out the hinges can be locked to create a long, rigid rule.

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