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How to cut straight lines with a safety rule

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Safety rules are specifically designed to be used with blades to cut straight lines Cutting or scoring straight lines without a guide is difficult. The long straight edges of rules can be used to guide a knife or other cutting tools to produce straight lines. Safety rules are designed specifically to be used with cutting tools. They will usually have edges made of especially tough material and they should be shaped, or have a handle, so they can be held safely while you cut.

Before you begin

Use a safety rule to safely cut straight lines Try to make sure the rule you are using is long enough to cover the distance you want to cut. If you have to reposition the rule during the cut, rather than making a continuous line, the line may not be completely straight.
If you want to cut straight lines you might want to mark where they will be going before you begin

Step 1 – Mark where to cut

To ensure the cut is made in the correct place, you may need to measure and mark out where it will go first. This can save you making a mistake which could ruin a piece of work or waste materials. You can use a safety rule in the same way as a standard rule to measure and draw straight lines where you need to cut.

Safety rules are designed to keep your fingers away from the edge

Step 2 – Position rule

Place the edge of the rule in the position you want the line to be cut. Hold the rule in the centre of where the cut will be made. Use the shape of the rule or the handle to keep your fingers away from the edge you are cutting down.

Use a safety rule to safely cut straight lines

Step 3 – Cut line

Ensure the edge of the rule is in the correct place, then hold it steady with one hand and use it to guide the cutting tool. Make sure the cutting edge stays against the edge of the rule, and at the same angle, to keep the line straight. Don’t change the angle you are holding the cutter at against the edge of the rule.

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