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What are the different types of plasterer’s hawk?

What are the different types
of plasterer’s hawk?

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Metal hawk with blue handle The basic design of a plasterer’s hawk is simple: it consists of a flat surface with a handle affixed from below.
Cream plastic hawk Most plastic hawks are moulded as one piece, with the handle included. These are consequently cheaper to manufacture, making them less expensive to buy.
Plasterer's hawk - bagged up Hawks made of metal with a plastic or other kind of handle have to be manufactured in separate parts due to the different materials involved (for more information, please see our page: What are plasterer’s hawks made of?).

Metal hawks are generally sold “flat-packed” and need assembling before use. The handle can then be removed for easier storage.

Replacement handle for plasterer's hawk Some top-of-the-range hawks, however, have handles which are actually replaceable. A new one can be bought separately when the old one becomes worn.
Pyramids of Giza Considering that the lifespan of a quality plasterer’s hawk can be as long as twenty years if it is properly cared for, it is worth investing in the metal sort if you are planning to use your hawk on a regular basis.

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