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What additional features can plasterer’s hawks have?

What additional features can
plasterer’s hawks have?

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Plastic plasterer's hawk Although plasterer’s hawk designs are quite standard, there are a few extra features which can be worth having.

Rounded edges

Metal hawk face down, with rounded corners and red/black handle Some metal hawks have rounded corners to help prevent damage to plasterwork should the edge of the hawk make contact with the work surface (the corners of plastic hawks are generally left square).

Grooved surface

Metal hawk with grooved face Some metal – and more expensive plastic – hawks also have a circular pattern etched into their surface. This helps to stick the load to the plate and stop it from sliding off the hawk.


Callus protector on plasterer's hawk The best handles on hawks will be have a callus-protector disc at the top where knuckles are vulnerable to being rubbed.

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