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How to use a hawk when pointing walls

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Plasterer's hawk with (unflattened) load

Step 1 – Load hawk

After preparing your hawk with an initial thin layer of mortar using your pointing trowel (see previous page), load a trowelful of the mixture onto the centre of the board.

Plasterer's hawk with load (flattened)

Step 2 – Press down mix

Flatten out the material to help it stay in place and then…

Lifting small amount of mortar for pointing

Step 3 – Lift mortar from board

…neatly slice off small, sausage-shaped portions to push between the bricks.

Man with aching arm

Don’t overload your hawk!

Bear in mind, whether pointing or plastering, that you will be holding up your hawk throughout the job and if you over-load it, it will soon start to feel very heavy!

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