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How to replace the handle on a plasterer’s hawk?

How to replace the handle on
a plasterer’s hawk

  Metal hawk face showing screw in middle  

Step 1 – Select correct screwdriver

To replace a worn handle on a plasterer’s hawk, you need to identify the correct screwdriver you need by looking at the kind of screw head in the centre of the plate (normally a crosshead).

  Diagram of unscrewing handle from a plasterer's hawk  

Step 2 – Unscrew existing handle

Holding the handle of the plate firmly underneath with one hand, you can then use the screwdriver to undo the screw in the centre (turning the driver anti-clockwise). 

  Plasterer's hawk handle and callus protector  

Step 3 – Remove old handle

Both the handle and the callus protector (if the hawk has one) will come free. With some models you can buy replacement parts for both; with others, just the handle.

  [NEEDS AMENDING] screwing handle back onto plasterer's hawk  

Step 4 – Attach new handle (and/or callus protector)

To attach the new handle (and/or callus protector), push the end of the handle containing the screw hole through the centre of the callus protector. Then line up the screw hole in the handle with the hole in the hawk’s plate and screw the two together using the original fastener.


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