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What plasterboard joint tape sizes are available?

What plasterboard joint tape sizes are available?

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Tape measure; sizes; length; width; plasterboard joint tape; scrim tape Plasterboard joint tape is manufactured in rolls of a couple of different sizes. Rolls of both paper and scrim tape can vary in terms of their length and width.


Scrim tape, paper jointing tape, tape measure Most rolls of both scrim and paper jointing tape are 90m (approx. 300′) in length.

However, there are shorter rolls between 20m (66′) and 50m (164′) long for smaller, one-off jobs.

Paper jointing tape, drywall tape, joint tape As it is less expensive to produce, paper tape is also available in rolls that are 150m (492′) long.


Jointing tape of different widths There are also a couple of different widths available: 48mm (2″) and 100mm (4).

Tape that is 48mm wide is suitable for most plasterboard repair jobs and for strengthening tapered joints.

Plasterboard butt joint; non-tapered joint However, wider tape is recommended for use on non-tapered (butt) joints which are more pronounced and harder to conceal.

For more information on the types of plasterboard joint, see What is taping and jointing?

Which size of plasterboard jointing tape do you need?

Confused DIYer The amount of jointing tape you need will depend entirely on the type of job you are using it for.

To carry out relatively small plasterboard repairs, a shorter roll that is 20m long and 48mm wide would be sufficient.

Taped and jointed room; plasterboard joints have been taped and jointed; walls ready to be primed and painted If, however, you are planning on taping and jointing a whole room or perhaps a number of rooms, you will need a great deal more tape than this, at least one 90m roll.
Wonkee Donkee says: 'Of course, you should also take into account the size of the walls you are working on.'

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