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What is plasterboard joint tape?

What is plasterboard joint tape?

Using Plasterboard Joint tape when repairing a wall

 Plasterboard joint tape is a building material used to reinforce and conceal the seams between sheets of plasterboard. It can also be used to repair cracked or damaged plasterboard walls and ceilings.


Joint tape is commonly used in the finishing stages of installing plasterboard by tradespeople such as plasterers and tapers and jointers. However, it can also be used by DIYers who prefer to carry out such tasks themselves.It is sometimes referred to as drywall tape, drylining tape, jointing tape or scrim tape.

Who uses Plasterboard Joint Tape?

If you are a keen DIY’er or a professional that works with repairs or building a lot then you will be no stranger to plasterboard join tape. It can be used for a range of different tasks and it’s always handy to have some rolls spare in your van, toolbox or workshop in case you need it. 

The main people that use plasterboard joint tape are ‘Taper and Jointer’s’. See Wonkee’s explanation below to learn about what they do!

List of who uses plasterboard joint tape

What different types of Plasterboard Joint Tape are available?

Types of plasterboard joint tape

Traditionally, joint tape was always made out of paper. However, in the latter half of the 20th century, tape made out of fibreglass was introduced. This is known as scrim tape.For more information, see What are the types of plasterboard joint tape?


 Plasterboard joint tape is available in rolls of different lengths. The width of the tape can also vary.For more information, see What plasterboard tape sizes are available?

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