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What paver’s maul sizes are available?


What paver’s maul sizes are available?


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Paver's maul showing dimensions


Mauls come in various sizes. Typically, the dimensions are:

  • For a rubber head – 330 x 130mm (13 x 5″)

  • For a wooden head – 300 x 200mm (12 x 8″)

Handles are usually between 915mm and 1060mm (36 to 42″) in length. 

The weight of a paver’s maul ranges from around 21/2 – to 6Kg (6-13lb) and above. Any smaller than 21/2 Kg and they are usually referred to as mallets.   

  A workman holding a paver's maul above his head  

Choose a maul which matches your frame not just your requirements. A person with a smaller, lighter physique may find a heavy maul with a longer handle cumbersome to use.

  Paving slabs or flagstones laid on sand using a paver's maul  

A heavy duty paver’s maul of 6kg and above is ideal for coaxing those cheeky, chunky Yorkshire flagstones into place…

  Laying block paving using a small paver's maul with rubber head  

…but where more delicate work is required, such as block paving, stick to a lighter maul.


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