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What are some other uses for paver’s mauls?

What are some other uses for paver’s mauls?

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A small paver's maul can also be used as a mallet A paver’s maul is a handy tool to have and not just for paving! Like general mallets, it can also be used to drive chisels into wood or for striking and shaping various tools and metals.
A small maul is useful to hammer in tent pegs Once you have a maul, you will soon discover its many uses.

Such as hammering in tent pegs.

Use a long-handled maul for cycle polo. A long-handled maul is perfect for playing polo on wheels Playing polo on wheels.
Using a paver's maul to test out your strength on a High Striker Flexing your muscles on a high striker fairground game.
Use your paver's maul to play croquet Wonkee Donkee says "Or for playing croquet when there are no flamingos available!"

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