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How to use a pavers maul?

How to use a paver’s maul

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Using a paver's maul to gently tap bricks into place Just like a metal hammer, you can knock everything out of place if you swing too hard. Use the maul in short, controlled strokes, rather than in full swings. This makes it easier to judge the amount of pressure required.

Holding the maul

How to hold a paver's maul correctly The handle should be held at the far end. Holding the maul near the head will put more strain on your wrist and elbow while reducing its efficiency.

Using the maul on a paving stone or paver

Using a paver's maul on a paver or paving stone or paving slab Imagine two diagonal lines running across the paver. Hit the paver firmly, but not too hard between the centre and the corner of those imaginary diagonals. Start in one corner and move along the paver until it settles down at the required level.

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