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What are paver’s maul handles made of?

What are paver’s maul handles made of?

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Hold the paver's maul and check the feel for weight and comfort Another important consideration when selecting a maul is the handle’s material. Paver’s mauls have either a wooden or a fibreglass handle. Both offer strength and durability, and both absorb shock and vibration from all that knocking. When making your choice, it is not a matter of which handle is right and which is wrong but what meets your personal taste. If possible, hold one in each hand and decide.
 Wonkee Donkee says 'If you are still not sure which maul  to buy, here are some important  points to consider...'

Fibreglass handles

Spare fibreglass paver's maul handle
Fibreglass is basically glass-reinforced plastic. A fibreglass handle is secured firmly in place with glue.

  • A fibreglass handle is weatherproof and does not shrink or crack like wood does.
  • There is usually a rubber-like grip at the end of the handle that is easy to hold and helps prevent slips and potential accidents.
A fibreglass maul handle is generally heavier than wood and cannot be adapted to your grip
  • Fibreglass is heavier than wood, which can cause problems for those who suffer with wrist and elbow pain. Unlike wood, it cannot be modified to your grip.
  • The handle is not as easy as a wooden handle to replace.

 Wooden handles

A maul handle made from Ash
A wooden maul handle is usually made from a hardwood such as ash or hickory and is kept snugly in place with wedges.

  • Wood is resilient but requires regular maintenance to keep it long-lasting. It can shrink and expand with the weather, and is susceptible to the drying effects of humidity.

See our tips on treating your Paving Mauls wooden tools in the section: Paver Mauls Maintenance and Care.

Wooden maul handles are lightweight and comfortable to hold. The shape can be adjusted to suit the user.
  • Wood is lightweight and feels natural to hold compared to the synthetic, cold touch of fibreglass. It can be modified to your personal grip making the handle more pliable and reducing shock.
  • A wooden handle can be easily replaced – with a bit of practice!

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