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Why use a nail puller?

Why use a nail puller?

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removing nails from wood is likely to cause some damage, nail pullers try to limit this When removing nails from wood you are always likely to cause some surface damage to the wood. This is still the case with a nail puller, however it does work to try and limit the damage to the wood as much as possible. The jaws are positioned so they should just dig out a small part, around the nail head, as they pull it out.
Traditional nail pullers are designed to be able to remove nails which are difficult to pull Nail pullers are specifically designed to be able to pull out nails which are difficult to remove, such as those which are which are flush to the wood or sunken under the surface. As their gripping jaws are sharp enough to dig into most woods, they have a significant advantage over some other nail pulling tools.
Hardwoods can be hard to penetrate, you may need to dig the wood from around the nail to expose it so it can be pulled However you may find that hardwoods are still difficult to penetrate with the jaws and you may need to use another tool to dig around the nail to expose it. You may need to use a drill or chisel tool to remove the wood around the nail head.
Nail pullers grip tighter the more they pull on a nail, so they can usually pull out long nails The jaws of nail pullers are also attached to a pivot point which is designed to grip more firmly onto the nail the more it is pulled over.

Because nail pullers are designed to increase their grip as leverage increases, they should usually be able to pull long nails, by repositioning the puller closer to the wood and easing them out a bit at a time.

Nail pullers are designed to save time and allow you to pull many nails, even if they are hard to remove Nail pullers should be able to save you time, once you get the hang of them, If you need to remove a lot of sunken nails. Make sure you watch where you put your fingers when holding the nail puller and using the sliding handle hammer!
Nail pullers are a very old tool, you can get antique versions which still work! Nail pullers are generally built to last, as they have a sturdy, solid construction. Antique versions are still around today, some of which can still be purchased second hand, and many of these are still in working order.

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