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What is a nail puller used for?

What is a nail puller used for?

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nail pullers are designed specifically for pulling out nails Nail pullers are specifically designed to remove nails, even those that are sunk below the surface and would usually be difficult to remove.
some nail pullers can be used to pry open timber structures Some nail pullers have a handle, which is used to knock the jaws into wood; these nail pullers can sometimes be used for prying and dismantling timber structures, in a similar way to a crowbar or pry bar. If this is the case, it should be stated in the specifications of the tool.

The smaller nail pullers, without handles, are not designed to be prying tools.

nail pullers can not be used to remove fake nails they are for pulling out metal nails Nail pullers are not designed to remove false nails, you’ll probably need to see a beautician for that!
Wonkee Donkee says "I don't recommend you use any of these tools on finger nails"

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