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Nail Puller Maintenance and Care

Nail puller maintenance and care

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Keep your tools clean

it is always important to keep tools clean and dry to prevent damage, rusting and corrosion The best way to keep tools working properly, for as long as possible, is to look after them with regular maintenance. This is a lot easier than trying to fix a tool once it has been broken or damaged. Keeping tools clean and dry is always the first step in preventing rust and corrosion, and this is true for most hand tools.

Oil moving parts

lubricate the moving parts with oil but don't use oil on the handle because this will make it slip A lubricating oil will help to keep the moving parts of your nail puller working correctly. The shank under the sliding handle can also be lubricated occasionally, to prevent rust from appearing in these areas. Ensuring these parts of the tool are kept clean will help to keep them working correctly. If debris builds up, it can cause joints and hinges to stop working.
lubricate the moving parts with oil but don't use oil on the handle because this will make it slip Be careful not to oil the part of the handle you hold, as this will increase your chance of slippage while using the tool.

Be careful

You shouldn't use tools that are cracked or damaged as they are likely to break, nail pullers need to be strong to work properly To prevent damaging the nail puller, as these tools should last you a long time, you should make sure that you use your nail puller correctly.If the leverage you are applying to the tool feels like too much and there is no movement from the nail, it’s best to stop and try a more heavy duty tool. You should also not use the tool if it is cracked or damaged as this will make it more likely to break.

Store tools correctly

keep tools stored correctly to help maintain them, nail pullers, like other tool need to be stored correctly To help keep the jaws of the nail puller sharp and to prevent damage to the tool, you should store it safely, somewhere it will not get knocked by other tools. This should also help to keep anti-corrosion covering in place to prevent weathering.
 Wonkee Donkee says "The greatest hazards posed by handheld tools are from misuse or not properly maintaining them!"

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