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What are the different types of nail puller?

What are the different types of nail puller?

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nail puller, nail removers, nail extractors are used to pull out difficult to pull nails There are two versions of nail puller available today, one with a handle and one without. They are a traditional tool based on a design that is well over a hundred years old.

Slide handle nail pullers

traditional nail puller, hinge jawed nail puller, drop handle, moving handle, gripping jaws This type of nail puller resembles many of the the antique nail pullers you may find; it encompasses gripping jaws and a pivoting foot or base heel.
traditional nail puller have a handle which is used as a hammer These nail pullers use their handle as a built-in hammer or rammer, so there is no need for a separate hammer. The handle is used to slam the jaws under the head of the nail. Once the nail is held in the jaws, the handle can be extended to give the tool extra leverage.For more information, see How does a nail puller work?
traditional nail puller have a handle which is used as a hammer The rammer will either be a ram rod type hammer, that moves within a sleeve, or a sliding sleeve hammer, which moves on the shaft.

Small nail pullers

nail puller, hinge jawed, nail remover, nail extractor This type of nail puller is a variation on the standard, traditional, nail puller as it does not have the sliding handle, and is meant to be used with a separate claw hammer.
a separate claw hammer is used with the smaller version of the traditional nail puller Instead of the handle, it has a striking area at the top which is hit by the hammer to knock the jaws under the nail head.

You then use the claw of the hammer, on one of the fixtures, to leverage the nail out.

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