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What mattock sizes are available?

What mattock sizes are available?

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Mattock head weight

Selection of differant mattock head sizes Mattock heads are categorised by weight. A mattock head can weigh between 1.4 – 3.2 kg (3 – 7 lb).

Generally, the lighter the mattock head, the shorter and narrower the adze and pick will be.

Mattock head dimensions, Length, Width, Height Whilst mattock heads are measured by weight, one manufacturer’s 2kg mattock head may differ in length or width from another one, although different sizes within a manufacturer’s range will still obey the general rule that the lighter the mattock head, the shorter and narrower the adze and pick will be.

Mattock handle sizes

Mattock handle sizes vary in length normally between 0.9-1.2m The handles usually range in length between 0.9 – 1.2m, with the exception of micro mattocks.

The handle length of a mattock is what makes it such an effective tool for levering objects in the ground.

mattock sizes, mini mattock, micro mattock, standard mattock Smaller, lighter versions with handle lengths of around 45cm, often called mini or micro mattocks, are used with one hand and can be wielded more easily.
Micro mattock being used around the boarder of a flower bed Micro mattocks are used for breaking up tough soil in small spots, and working around plants as it’s easier to change direction with them.

The extra weight at the head of a micro mattock mean it’s easier to dig deeper than a hand hoe and the addition of the second tool alongside the adze on the head make it more versatile.

What size mattock should you choose?

Large mattock being used Deciding which size mattock is most suitable is a matter of personal preference, and will largely depend on your physical stature.

Whilst a larger heavier mattock will cut through roots and break up ground quicker, it will require more effort to use.

Wonkee donkee advise on mattock sizes and weights, A smaller Mattock will be easier to use for someone who is not as strong or tall but will take longer to complete the job.

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