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How to file grind dents and burrs from a mattock head?

How to file or grind dents and burrs from a mattock head

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Cutter mattock axe held in a vice

Step 1 – Secure mattock in a vice

Secure the mattock in a vice, so you can safely work on it.

Grinding out burrs on a cutter mattock using a hand held grinder

Step 2 – Grind off burrs

Using a hand-held grinder with a suitable metal grinding disc, run the grinder along the edges to remove burrs from the edge of the mattock head.

Be careful to maintain the original cutting angle on the edge of your mattock head.

Sharpening a mattock axe with a hand file If you don’t have a grinder, then step 2 can be done with a hand file although it will take you a lot longer.
Wonkee donkee says: "Remember if you use a grinder to remove burrs or dents on your mattock head it is important that the head is kept cool by regularly placing it in water. If the steel is over heated whilst grinding the metal can become soft."
How to sharpen the edge of a mattock with a sharpening stone

Step 3 – Sharpen axe

To give a really sharp finish to the axe of a mattock head, you should use a sharpening stone.

Moving the stone in circular patterns, run it along the edge of the mattock axe.

Repeat this on the other side of the mattock axe blade to achieve an even sharpening of each side.

Wonkee donkee method of grinding/filing a mattock head, This method of maintaining and sharpening the edges of a mattock can be used on all mattock head types, although it may take longer and require more effort on heads that are made of forged alloy steel due to their increased hardness and toughness.

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