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How to clean and store a mattock?

How to clean and store a mattock

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Mattocks, like most tools should always be cleaned before being put away.

Brush off any dirt or earth from the whole mattock and dry the mattock if it’s wet or damp.

Rust prevention

If they are to be put away in damp conditions, the head should be lightly covered with oil or wrapped in an oily cloth to stop it rusting.

Treatments for wooden handles

Boiled linseed oil is used to preserve wooden handles of mattocks and other tools Wooden handles that have not been painted should be wiped over with linseed oil this will help to preserve and prevent them rotting or warping.

Storing fibreglass mattocks

Do not leave fibreglass handle in direct sunlight Fibreglass handles should be kept out of direct sunlight when being stored away, in order to prevent them degrading and becoming brittle under the UV (ultraviolet) light.
Mattock protective sheath

Are there any storage accessories for mattocks?

A sheath can be purchased to protect the edges of the mattock from getting burrs and dents whilst it’s being stored. It will also protect other objects from damage by the mattock.

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