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How to use a micro mattock?

How to use a micro mattock

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How to hold a micro mattock, Grasp the micro mattock at the base of the handle with your dominant hand A micro mattock is used with only one hand grasping the handle at its base.
Using a micro mattock, Using an arc motion thrust the micro mattock head into the ground It should be raised, then plunged down into the ground head first in an arc to break up and loosen the soil.
Micro mattock being used around flowers Micro mattocks are often used in close-up work in and around other plants, as shown opposite, because you can easily change direction with them.

A micro mattock is often used whilst knelt down.

Why use a micro mattock instead of another tool?

Why choose a micro mattock instead of a hand hoe The extra weight at the head of a micro mattock mean it’s easier to dig deeper with than a hand hoe, and the addition of the second tool alongside the adze on the head make it more versatile.

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