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What float accessories are available?

What float accessories are available?

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Replacement sponges

Click clack sponge float with replacement pads Some sponge floats come with replacement backing layers. You can buy packs with three different finishes – coarse, medium and fine for plastering, or fine, dense and hard for use with cement.

Replacement handles

Spare float handles - wood, plastic and rubber Magnesium floats can be expensive, so many manufacturers provide replacement handles. They can be made out of wood, hard plastic or soft grip foam rubber.


Nitrile gloves Rubber gloves are important to protect against chemical burns from wet concrete and plaster. You can get long-lasting pairs or disposable packs.

Knee pads

Knee pads Knee pads are useful when carrying out tasks such as grouting floor tiles or laying concrete.

Not only do they make kneeling more comfortable, they also protect the surface you’re working on – especially important if it’s wet concrete.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses Safety glasses, or goggles, are a good idea when plastering ceilings or working with wet concrete, which can be dangerous if it gets in your eyes.

For frequent use it’s worth getting a good quality wraparound pair that offers a wide field of view and mist-free vision.

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