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What are the parts of a float?

What are the parts of a float?

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     Rubber float with labelled parts


Blue float plastic handle The float handle is attached with screws or adhesive, and can be made of plastic or wood.
Plastic float showing moulded handle and body The handle may be moulded into the body if it’s a plastic float.

Base plate

Base plate of rubber float The base plate can be made of aluminium, plastic, wood, magnesium or stainless steel. It’s attached to the handle on one side, and the backing layer on the other. Most plastic floats are manufactured with the handle moulded into the body.

Backing layer

Five floats with different backing materials The backing layer on the face of the float varies in texture and can be made of sponge, rubber, plastic, wood or magnesium. Some sponge floats have replaceable backing layers.

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