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Are there any alternatives to floats?

Are there any alternatives to floats?

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Finishing trowel

Steel trowel Some plasterers prefer to use a stainless steel finishing trowel instead of a float. This is similar to a normal plastering trowel but with an extra thin base. However, trowels are heavier than floats so it can be harder to glide them over the plaster.

Plastic and metal trowel

Plastic trowel Some more modern plastering trowels are now made with plastic bodies and handles, but metal blades. This makes them lighter and less tiring to use for long periods.They are more flexible than steel trowels, and also come with replaceable blades in a range of sizes.

Plastering sponge

Plastering sponge A sponge can be used instead of a float to keep a wall damp, while plastering, and is also useful for cleaning up grouting. However, you can’t apply the same pressure to flatten and smooth a wall as with a sponge float.

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