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What are the parts of an engineer’s scraper?

What are the parts of an engineer’s scraper?

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Parts of an engineers scraper, Scraper blade, Shaft, Handle
Flat blade engineers scraper with integrated handle and another with removable blades On some scrapers, the handle, shaft and blade are integrated as one, whilst others feature removable blade tips and handles.
High speed steel; engineer's scraper blades; steel blades The shaft of a scraper is made of steel. With scrapers that have the blade integrated into the shaft the whole shaft will be made of high speed steel (HSS) although only the end of the shaft that forms the blade will be heat treated and tempered to produce true HSS.
Removable scraper blades; high speed steel Removable scraper blades are made of either HSS or tungsten carbide, which is an even harder material than HSS.

Scraper handle materials

Wooden scraper handle A scraper handle can be made of either plastic or wood.

Plastic scraper handles are moulded onto the scraper shaft or blade, whereas wooden handles are more often designed to screw onto the metal shaft of the scraper.

Scraper handles, scraper with a plastic handle, scraper with a wooden handle

What are the benefits and drawbacks of plastic and wooden handles?

Unlike plastic handles, wooden handles are often replaceable. They can also be sanded smooth if they develop splinters or to give a more comfortable grip.

Plastic handles are less likely to split or crack, but if they do, it’s harder to smooth them down again.

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