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Engineer’s Scraper Maintenance and Care

Engineer’s scraper maintenance and care

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Scrapers should be kept separate from other tools to help prevent damage to their cutting edges. Whilst not in use, scraper blades should be stored wrapped in an oiled rag to help prevent rusting.
Boiled linseed oil is used to protect wooden scraper handles Plastic-handles scrapers should not require any maintenance, but wooden handles may require sanding down to remove splinters and occasionally rubbing with linseed oil to help prevent them from drying out and splitting.

Sharpening and sanding

Sharpening an engineers scraper on a grinding wheel The blades of engineer’s scrapers need regular sharpening to maintain an effective scraping edge. Wooden handles will need sanding down if splinters form, and will need replacing if they split.

When is it time to buy a new scraper?

RIP one engineers scraper gravestone If the scraper shaft becomes bent or damaged, then you should replace the scraper. New blades should be purchased once it is no longer possible to sharpen the existing blade so that it efficiently scrapes. If your scraper does not have removable blades, and can no longer be sharpened so that it scrapes effectively, then you should replace the scraper.

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