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What are the different types of engineer’s scraper?

What are the different types of engineer's scraper?


There are three main types of engineer’s scraper available: Flat blade scrapers Triangular scrapers Curved scrapers


Flat Blade Scraper

A flat blade scraper consists of a straight flat blade with a sharpened tip end for scraping. This type of scraper can only be used on flat surfaces but is the most efficient scraper for this job. The sharpened scraping tip is often slightly convex to help prevent the corners of the scraping surface causing burrs.

Triangular Blade Scraper

Sometimes referred to as ‘three corner scrapers’, these scrapers have a long triangular blade that tapers to a point at the end. They also have three sharp scraping edges and can be used on both flat and curved surfaces.


These types of scraper are mainly used to scrape into corners and the edges of flat surfaces or to remove burrs from the inside of small bearings.

Curved Blade Scraper


Also called ‘bearing scrapers’ or ‘half-round scrapers’, as they’re used for scraping the inside of bearings and other curved surfaces to achieve a better mating surface, curved blade scrapers have two sharp edges.

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