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What are some other uses for electronics cutters?

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Wire cutters are often used for making homemade jewellery Electronics cutters are widely used in arts and crafts, particularly for producing home-made jewellery
Modelers use electronics cutters to cut sprues Hobbyists and modellers use electronics cutters for cutting cleanly through sprues (small connecting pieces of plastic in model kits, left over from the moulding process)
Electronics cutters are also handy tools for maintaining your model railway Electronics cutters are perfect for important maintenance to model railways.
Electronics cutters can be used to cut wires in dental braces Dentists can also use electronics cutters for cutting wire in orthodontic braces.
This chipmunk does not look happy to be having his tooth pulled with an electronic cutter Electronics cutters are even used by vets for trimming animal teeth!
 Wonkee Donkee says "Not Donkee teeth though!"