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What are electronics cutters?

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A pair of wire cutters with yellow handles Electronics cutters are precision pliers designed for the delicate work of cutting through very fine wires like those on small electronic components such as resistors.
Electronics cutters are a specific type of cutting tool, more precise than side cutters Electronics cutters are part of a wide family of pliers and wire cutting tools, but they are the only tools small enough for working on delicate components like those found on computer circuit boards. They use a precise cutting action to cut through pieces of wire, unlike larger tools such as side cutters, which break through wires with a squeezing or crushing action.
Musicians call wire cutters "string cutters" because they use them to cut guitar strings, piano strings, violin strings, etc. Some electronics cutters are also strong enough to cut through metal guitar and piano strings.¬†Musicians might also know electronics cutters as “string cutters”.