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Electronics Cutters Maintenance and Care

Electronics cutters maintenance and care

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Electronics cutters have long operational lives Electronics cutters are durable tools, some brands being capable of making between ½ a million and 1 million cuts without the jaws getting dull.
It is best to store electronics cutters in an ESD-safe case Electrical cutters are best stored in an ESD-safe case which will protect the condition of the tools as well as preventing them from building up an electrostatic charge. Specially-tailored cases can be bought from several manufacturers of electronics cutters.
Some manufacturers will allow customers to send tools in for refurbishment Electronics cutters will eventually loose their sharpness through constant use, and their misuse may lead to damaged cutting edges. The small size of electronics cutters makes them difficult to sharpen by hand, but some manufacturers will allow customers to send their tools back for free refurbishment and repair.

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