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How to use electronics cutters?

How to use electronics cutters?

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Electronics cutters are very simple to use The operation of a pair of electronics cutters is a very easy process.
Compressing the handles of an electronics cutter closes the jaws, allowing you to cut through wires and other materials Simply position a wire between the jaws of the tool and squeeze the handles together until the jaws break through the wire.
Cutting at a right-angle leads to better cutting, even if it is more awkward The electronics cutters should be kept close to the board to ensure a clean, flush cut, but this can be awkward, especially if there are other sensitive components close to the surface of the circuit board.
An angle-headed electronics cutter is much easier to use for cutting wires close to a flat surface If you are using electronics cutters with an angled head, you can cut close to the board from a more comfortable angle.
Using an electronics cutter to remove an excess length of resistor lead from a circuitboard Standard carbon steel blades should be hard enough to cut resistor wire, copper wire, memory wire, small steel chain links, model railway tracks, and similar materials.
Electronics cutters can cut more than one resistor lead at once  Electronics cutter jaws are sharp along their entire edge, allowing you to cut several adjacent resistor wires in the same “snip”

 How to strip a wire with an electronics cutter

A wire that has been stripped Dab hands with an electronics cutter can also use the tool for stripping thin electrical wires: removing the outer insulation from the end of a wire, to expose the conductive element beneath.
You can also use electronics cutters to remove insulation from wires This is achieved by cutting very gently through the insulation, without making contact with the wire, and twisting the electronics cutter until you have scored all the way around the outside of the wire. You should then be able to remove the excess insulation by simply sliding the electronics cutter away from the wire.

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