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Types Of DeWalt SDS Rotary And Demolition Hammer

Types of DeWalt SDS Rotary and Demolition Hammer

Four types of rotary and demolition hammer.

SDS-Plus Drills

Also known as SDS+ drills, these compact power tools share many similarities with hammer drills but have a much faster, more powerful hammering action and can only be used with special SDS+ bits.


They come with either a pistol-grip or L-shaped handle and are suitable for tasks such as removing tiles, cutting channels for pipework, and light demolition.


See Introduction to DeWalt SDS-Plus drills for further information.

SDS-Max Drills

These are considerably larger than SDS+ drills and require their own, much bigger bits which are not compatible with any other drill.


Particularly popular among professional builders, plumbers and electricians, SDS-Max drills are designed for large volumes of heavy-duty work involving concrete and masonry.


Take a look at Introduction to DeWalt SDS-Max drills to find out more.

Demolition Hammers

Weighing in at around 10kg, demolition hammers are the big beasts of the hand-held drilling world.


Construction sites are their natural habitat, where their pounding hammer action makes them ideal for breaking up thick chunks of concrete, masonry and brickwork.


See Introduction to DeWalt demolition hammers for further details.

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