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What is a combustible gas detector used for?

 What is a combustible gas detector used for?

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alert, exclamation mark in red triangle A gas leak detector is used to alert the user to a suspected gas leak or high levels of gas.
combustible gas symbol These gas detectors can be used to detect most combustible gases, all those used in plumbing, heating and other similar applications. These include methane, propane, butane, ethanol, ammonia and hydrogen.
gas detector in use A gas detector can be used when a gas leak is suspected or for checking that a new installation is sealed and complete. Combustible gas detectors are not a continuous monitor for gas leaks: they are used only when needed or for interval checks.
gas detector in use in checking pipes professional or home setting They can be used in professional and DIY applications.
gas safe register card held by plumber Whilst you do not need any professional training to use a gas detector, anyone working on gas appliances in the home or elsewhere must be on the Gas Safe Register. It is a legal requirement that a Gas Safe Register ID card must be carried by all those practising gas applications.

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